Winterize your fifth wheel camper in Cary

Why should you winterize your fifth wheel camper in Cary, NC?

You should winterize your fifth wheel in Cary to help protect your campers pipes and plumbing systems from the cold weather.  If you don’t winterize your fifth wheel you run the risk of your pipes freezing causing them to possibly burst and or crack causing major damage to your fifth wheel.  Cary, NC does have temperatures below freezing every year, and if there is water remaining in the pipes or plumbing they can freeze and cause you time and money to fix.  Always take the time to drain any line that you have water in, including an ice maker if you have one in your fridge. Too many things can go wrong with not winterizing your fifth wheel camper.  

When should you winterize your fifth wheel in Cary, NC?

Unless you are using your fifth wheel all year long you should plan on winterizing your camper before the first freeze.  Once the temperature gets below 32 degrees fahrenheit you run the risk of pipes freezing. 

What does winterize your fifth wheel mean?

Winterize means to protect anything that can freeze and cause damage to your camper.  Again this is mainly your pipes and plumbing but you also want to take any food or drinks off the camper as well.  If you have any questions about what to do, give Shaw RV a call and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

Should I cover my fifth wheel for the winter in Cary or while I am not using it?

While covering it is not a must it is not a bad idea to do so.  Covering your fifth wheel camper while you are not using it not only protects the outside, it also protects the inside.  The sun’s UV rays can harm the paint and cause it to fade faster than you want it to. It can also cause the paint and trim to warp and cause damage to awnings and other outside amenities.  Not only does the sun cause damage to the outside it can cause damage to the inside as well. It can fade the carpet, fade the counters, and causing you to have to replace things faster.  You should also cover the tires, not doing so could cause your tires to crack and fade making it to where you will have to replace the tires early.    

Where can I go to get my fifth wheel winterized near Cary, NC?

If you live in Cary and the surrounding areas you can take your camper to Shaw RV.  They not only sell campers but they do service work as well. They have an awesome team of technicians to handle all your camper needs.  

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