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The top three things to look for when choosing an RV service Knightdale, North Carolina. 

In this article will look at three of the most important issues that an RV or camper owner faces when choosing the correct facility to service their RV. These three items are customer service, speed of service, and affordability.

Customer service:

Customer service is the number one most important step when choosing the correct service center for your RV or camper in Knightdale, NC. The reason this step is so important is because of how they treat their customers is a direct correlation to how they will treat your camper, or RV. If the service center does not value their relationship with their customers, what would lead us to believe that they would care about your precious RV, camper, or fifth wheel. When at a service center look around at how they treat other customers while you’re waiting, and how they deal directly with you. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with the quality of service you’re receiving this should be a red flag that this is not the right repair facility for you and your vehicle.

Speed of service:

Speed of service is important simply because there are only so many camping months available for most people throughout the year. Hypothetically let’s say you drop your camper off in March, and the repair last until June. In theory you have now missed almost 4 months of camping which is the sole purpose we have our RV or camper. If the repair facility cannot get you back camping quickly than you should continue to look for another repair facility that has a sense of urgency to get you back to doing what you love. At Shaw RV the average turnaround time is less than three weeks from the time your camper is dropped off to the time your back enjoying the outdoors.


As simple as it sounds affordability can have a huge impact on your ability to enjoy your camper and the outdoors. If your repair is over budget, and cost you far more than you are planning this can have a drastic impact on your ability to enjoy the outdoors. When choosing a repair facility, ask for the prices upfront before leaving your camper or RV with them. At Shaw RV our prices  are upfront, and usually 10 to 20% less than our competitors.

When choosing a repair facility for your RV or camper in Knightdale, North Carolina we hope that you will give Shaw RV a call first. Our family owned facility will work hard to get you back into the outdoors enjoying nature and your RV.  Visit us online at www.shawrvnc.com 

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