Trailer Raleigh

Trailers Raleigh

Raleigh, NC is the home of choice for people who understand the meaning  of traveling and getting away when you want to without planning being required. However, they know they do not want a motorized RV due to its restrictive drawbacks.  A trailer that can be hooked up behind a truck or other vehicle.  This is not a trailer for hauling but trailers with living quarters or designed for hauling toys.  Trailers, in Raleigh, that feel like a comfortable piece of home they can take anywhere.  Where can a trailer like that be found in Raleigh?  Shaw RV (919)556-6553

Why Purchase a Trailer, in Raleigh?

Why purchase a trailer?  There are many reasons why purchasing a trailer is smart. Besides, they make a great home away from home when travelling around the countryside. They are compact yet expand and have several creature comforts.  Beyond these are more substantive reasons:

  • Trailers offer great conveniences
  • Trailers are comfortable
  • Trailers can go places motorized campers cannot
  • Trailers take up less storage area

Types of Trailers

Shaw RV carries many types of trailers, for Raleigh consumers.  We have large and smaller ones.  We have the right size to fit your lifestyle.  It is essential you learn a little about the different types of trailers.

  • Fifth Wheel – usually the larger of the trailers available and have more towing stability, due to connecting to the inside bed of your truck providing more control. A lot of space, with more living space than any other type of trailer. They come in a wide variety of sizes and floorplans, with more storage than you can imagine.
  • Travel Trailer – These hard-side trailers have the widest range of sizes and features from 10′ trailers to large garage-style toy haulers. Large available range of lengths, weights, and floorplans, with a suitable amount of interior and exterior storage. Some travel trailers  include outdoor kitchens and can sleep a a lot of people.

There are other types of trailers such as expandable, pop-up, soft tops, a-frames, and teardrops.

The options for trailers are many and finding the right one that fits your lifestyle starts by visiting Shaw RV and seeing what is available.  Shaw RV, in Raleigh, is excited to assist in your search and we will provide all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family.  You can trust Shaw RV to be honest and reliable with no pressure selling. Call or come on by and let us show you around.  At Shaw RV, your one of the family.  (919)556-6553


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