RV Tips: 6 Essential Camping Supplies for RVers

Whether you’re a veteran of RVing or new to RV life, these essential camping supplies are some you should never leave home without. As full-time RVers, my husband and I have lots of experience with camping gear, and these are our best RV tips for making sure your camping trip goes smoothly.

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First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is perhaps the most important thing to keep in your RV. You can find fully equipped first aid kits on Amazon to fit any budget. We make sure to keep band-aids, alcohol pads, bandages, and other essential supplies are kept on hand at all times.

First Aid Kit

Surge Protector

First-time RVers often overlook this key part of our RV kit, but protecting your RV’s electricity is essential. An RV surge protector connects to your RV’s electrical hookup and the campground’s hookup and acts as another layer of protection between your RV and the electrical grid. This way, if there’s a surge or something happens that could damage your electrical, the surge protector takes the hit instead.

Hose Splitter

Getting a hose splitter is a great way to increase your options for your freshwater hookup. If you have a hose splitter, you’ll be able to hook up your RV and still have an outdoor hose for washing off muddy shoes, setting up a sprinkler for the kids, and more.


Toilet Treatment Solution

Do not leave home without an RV toilet treatment solution. We regularly treat our black tank with tablets and let it sit overnight to flush the tank. This process helps to reduce the smell and keeps your RV smelling fresh. You can increase the freshness by cleaning your toilet regularly.

Tactical Backpack

You never know what supplies you might need to bring along on the trails, so pack a tactical backpack in your under-storage. This backpack can be used as a beach bag, on hiking trails, and in various ways.


Head Lamp

Another lifesaving piece of gear around an RV is a headlamp. This tool allows you to have light in dark spaces without taking up a hand. It’s the ideal solution for late-night maintenance on your black tank or gray water tank. Additionally, it can be helpful to keep one of these in the truck as a backup.

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