RV Tips: 5 Spring-Cleaning for the Camping Season

Spring is in the air, so it’s time to unpack your RV from its winter storage and get ready for a new season of camping!  So brush off the leaves or take down your RV cover and get ready to refresh your RV for spring.  Check out these easy RV tips for spring-cleaning for the camping season.

Sink Cleaning


1. Roof Inspection

Whether you have a walkable roof or not, it’s important to get up to where you can see the roof to inspect it for any water damage or debris from the long months in storage. If you notice any areas of concern, call our RV service department, and we’ll help you get fixed up and ready to go. Otherwise, you can clear off any obstructions from the awning and slides with a broom or your hands.

Dry Leaves


2. Open Up

The next step is making sure your awning and slides are in working order. You should get a friend or family member to help you with this since the RV controls are inside. Have your friend watch the slides and awning as you slowly extend them to catch any problems before they start while keeping an eye on the slides from the inside. Next, you’ll want to open all your windows to let the clean spring air work its magic on the stale smell from storage.

Bighorn Slides
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3. Flush the Water

If you’re familiar with flushing your RVs water system of the antifreeze used for winterization, this is the next step you should take. Just hook up to your water supply, open all the faucets, and run it until it has been clear for some time. You can even shock your water system with bleach if you feel like the system needs a little extra sanitization after the long winter months.

Tap water

4. Wash the Linens

Take any removable linens that were left in the RV over the winter and either wash them at home or take them to be dry cleaned. Next, you’ll want to freshen up your curtains, sofas, mattresses, and anything else with a fabric facing. To clean your curtains, spray with Febreze and air dry. Mattresses can be cleaned by sprinkling with baking soda for 30 -60 minutes before vacuuming it up. The carpets can be treated the same way, or you can use a carpet cleaner.

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